Monday, July 25, 2011

Today was a good day!

It started with the poor spider in the side mirror.  A friend needed a ride to her mechanic to pick up her car. (They were willing to shuttle her to her house, but as she's getting out of the shuttle, the driver says, "By the way, you're too far away, so I can't come back to pick you up."  What the hell, really guys?)  I pack the baby in the car seat, grab the diaper bag, and boogie on out of the driveway.

At the very first light, I notice a desperate spider (dark grey, with zebra striped legs, a big fat orb body and little tiny head, about 2.5 cm across.) bouncing frantically in what was left of the web he'd built between the side mirror and the window on the driver's side.  (Yes, I am completely oblivious sometimes.)  I felt bad for the poor spider as he clung to the web which was shredding around him, and started driving more slowly so as not to bounce the spider completely off the line.

Unfortunately for the spider, red lights were few and far between.  I kept telling him to duck back in the side mirror, but he kept taking the few pauses available to run up and down the web instead.  I realized that he was dismantling his web, rolling up a little white ball of silk in between bounces.  The next light, he made it into the side mirror, tucking his head and legs in tightly, with his big round butt hanging out.  I felt like cheering.

I guess the economy is so bad even the spiders are saving their silk.  It's silly but I felt uplifted by the spider triumphant.

I also got to the gym for the first time since giving birth and took a Zumba class.  I managed to make it through the entire class without gassing out - a huge relief given my fears about completely losing any muscle tone or stamina over the pregnancy - and didn't trip or fall into anyone. 

Last time I was at the gym about 5 months ago, the Zumba class was fairly well attended by maybe 20-30 people.  Today, I was handed a ticket with the number 52 on it.  Upon inquiring, it turns out that the class is now so popular that they cut off attendance at 60, and if you don't get a ticket, you don't get in.  People line up to get in 30 minutes before the class starts in order to make sure they get a ticket. I am going to have to start going a bit earlier.

So the spider survived, my ass is not as flabby as first feared, and the baby has been sleeping for the last 3 hours straight.   It's the little things. 

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