Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a good day!

I found out today that I've been admitted to Local Fine Arts University to begin pursuit of my bachelor's degree. Classes begin tomorrow.

Apparently they don't send notification by email, mail, or phone. They just post something to your "student portal" on their website. There was never an indication that that is where you would look for such pertinent information.

I would also like to point out that nowhere on said student portal that I clicked religiously was there ever the phrase "Congratulations, you've been admitted" or some other clear indicator thereof. I had to call this morning to verify that I was even admitted at all.

But I'm admitted! I can start taking classes towards my English degree and hopefully eventual writing career. (And subsequent career as a literary agent if writing fails. Because that entire side of the industry absolutely fascinates me.)

It's going to be weird. I have 80 or more hours towards a degree in Chemical Engineering. (I am very good at math. I am very bad at Engineering) I never had to take an English class in College. I'm pretty much going to have to take the 45 hours required to get the degree, only 18 of which have to be in the English program.

Go figure.

I'm thinking some web-savvy classes, since the Internet is apparently not going away any time soon, and I'm three steps away from a Luddite, pretending that we didn't come to the party together.

It's a little bit scary, going back to college to rectify one of my hugest life errors (Passing up a full-ride scholarship to go be with my one "TOTALLY FOR REAL TRUE LOVE", who wasn't, and giving up on school when I started getting C's because I had no such thing as a study habit. Yeah, I was a moron at age 20.)

And then while I was wallowing in sheer terror that I'm being an idiot for thinking this writing thing is at ALL a good idea, I noticed that on Janet Reid's [literary agent for whom I have a mild stalker-like crush] blog (, I was one of the finalists in one of her short story quickie competitions!

Just enough of a bump to make me all gung-ho again. Manic? Me? Pfft. This time I'm totally color-coding all my binders and folders. I'll even use tabs and note-cards. Or a laptop. Either.


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