Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Day Today - Taking a Tally

Zumba this morning!  - YAY!

Baby does not wish to nap. - BOO!

Baby will nap, if Mommy lays down with her and tucks her into an armpit.  - YAY!

Alarm on phone fails to go off, and the friend I babysit for finds me snoring and drooling on my baby when she comes by to drop off her child.  - BOO!

Toddler Dance Party! (Toddlers dancing to Club music on the radio is hilarious.) - Yay!

Synchronized Toddler Poop!  - BOO!  And Ew. Two poopy toddlers do smell worse than one alone.

Nachos!  - YAY!

Toddlers are stealing all my nachos! - BOO!


More Nachos! - YAY!

On balance, I think I'm having a pretty good day.

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