Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two days to Christmas

I still have a stack of Christmas cards sitting on my desk, waiting for me to find a handy relative with an address book they're willing to let me raid, since I've managed to lose the few I kept up with. (And the ones I thought I knew, moved on me!)

Christmas presents are mostly bought and shipped off, though I haven't started on the 12th Night presents yet. (In my particular regional SCA group, there's an event that's essentially one giant Christmas party. Sometimes we bring small items to give as gifts to friends. It's the easiest place to catch everyone you see all the time.)

By all normal counts of Christmas preparations like decorating the house, putting up a tree, or having all the presents wrapped by now, we're sort of failing. We didn't even get a Christmas tree. (Discussion decided we'd rather spend the $60 on presents and things that would be more enjoyable than an admittedly wonderful smelling hunk of dead tree that would afford our cats endless opportunity for destruction.)

But really, I've been so wiped out from being pregnant that anything not absolutely required and necessary got relegated to the not-happening box. I'm looking forward to Christmas not as THE Holiday, but as a 3-day weekend that isn't coming fast enough. It'll be a chance to snuggle up with my husb, and kiss the cats, and call my folks, and play Christmas carols on the piano until my fingers go stiff. Honestly the best present of all.

(P.S. Mannheim Steamroller - original Christmas music? Most fun Christmas music ever. The next few books are not intended for piano and don't translate well at ALL.)

Happy Christmas everyone!

(Or Merry Chanukkah / Feliz Kwanzaa / whatever makes you happy. :) )

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