Thursday, September 2, 2010

A poem

I got whacked last night by an inspiration fairy, and this poem popped into my brain. If I hadn't left my journal in the car, I would have gotten up to jot it down. As it was, I repeated it to myself 8 times before I would let myself go to sleep.


O Elephantis from Atlantis
tell us what the fault of man is!
Our enlightened ways have come to naught,
our great thinkers have all thought.

Yet still there's suffering and despair.
Poisons taint land, sea, and air.
O Elephantis from Atlantis,
give us guidance in your answers.

Tell us which path we first should wend,
that all our troubles will soonest end.
Should starving children first we feed?
Give shelter and schools to those in need?

Or, Elephantis, think it wise,
that environmentally we devise
our efforts toward nature's regime?
Should we kill to justify our means?

There are so many voices now,
all clamoring for ears.
We can not choose between them all,
and drown beneath their tears.

O Elephantis from Atlantis,
tell us what the fault of man is.

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