Saturday, September 1, 2012

GUTGAA Introduction Post

Greetings everyone! (she says optimistically)

Thanks to the Feaky Snucker and Mittens for the link, and of course to Deana Barnhart who is sponsoring the Gearing Up to Get An Agent Bloghop!  (I feel like I should be wearing a poodle skirt for blog hops. This is my first Blog Hop. Is there a dress code?)

Of course I opted for the medievaloid button option, (It's not bad Gothic Formata, though the letters are too far apart for the true representation of the hand.)

Deana Barnhart

 Woo button!   Now the introduction questions!

1) Where do you write?

Usually on the couch with my laptop.  But I tell myself that really, I'm writing inside a conservatory, with open windows that let the breeze blow the smell of grass and gardenias through to me. 

2) Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?

The leftover pillow fort made by my fifteen month old, a blue bear blankie, and my phone, blinking a red light because I've forgotten to charge it. 

 3) Favorite time to write?

 As the mother of a toddlebug, either naptime, or after bedtime.  I spend a lot of time not sleeping.  I usually write until three in the morning. 

 4) Drink of choice while writing?

 Of choice? Hot loose-leaf tea, brewed in the purple orchid teapot my mother-in-law gave me, and sipped from a delicate porcelain cup with tiny powder-sugar dusted tea-cookies on a saucer and doily nearby, served by John Morrison pre-beard and shirtless. Possibly pantless, but he may wear a loincloth if he wishes.

What I ACTUALLY drink?  Red Rose tea, hot or cold, whatever caffeinated soda is in the fridge, and lots of water, out of my big plastic mug that I bought from a garage sale for a nickel. Sometimes Oreos will appear on a plate nearby.

 5) When writing, do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?

Silence freaks me out.  When I'm working on my West Texan centered detective stories, I put on the Classic Country channel on T.V.  It reminds me of home and pulls out all the memories and details that make it real.

6) What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?

 I had a dream about two detectives named Justice and Mercy, and I felt so clever I immediately wrote the idea down and started trying to flesh it out. Three years and a lot of trial & and mostly error(tm) later, I have one finished novel, and one short story. :)

7) What's your most valuable writing tip?

 Realize that you have your own personal writing style, and that you have to learn what works for you. I tried to sit down and write every day, but that's not the way my mind works. If I don't know where my plot or characters are going, I simply can't write. I stare at the screen, get frustrated, and angry, and waste two hours trying to write past "the".  So I have to go walk, or do dishes, or spend my usual writing time doing something else while the plot and characters simmer and untangle themselves in the back of my mind.  Then once they've resolved themselves, I'll blow out 15,000 words in a week and catch up.

Editing I can do anytime. I also sometimes write schlocky stuff I'm not serious about, just to write something every day, and to redirect my block. I've found that works as well. Initially I thought that was just a waste of my time to work on schlock, but now I realize it's a necessary evil.

Also, WRITER'S GROUP. My writer's group is small but invaluable.


  1. Greetings!

    I'm hopping over from GUTGAA and checking out some blogs before the fun begins. Nice to meet have a lovely blog!

    Donna L Martin

  2. Your drink of choice is highly entertaining. I had to google John Morrison, but I have to agree, not a bad choice! :P

    1. He is a very pretty man. I would also accept Alexander Skaarsgard, Chris Hemsworth, or Bruce Campbell (the Brisco County Junior model.)

  3. Hi! I am a tea gal, also! And, like you, my critique group is small but invaluable. These don't recognize my Google act. nor my Word Press so I'm on the list as Write On and my name is Dawn. :-)

  4. I suddenly have the urge to build a pillow fort. LOL!

    I'm your newest follower. *waves* Very nice to meet you!


  5. Silence TOTALLY freaks me out. Cannot do it.

    So nice to meet you! :)

  6. You're right, every writer has their own process. I keep telling myself my next project I will outline and write through my first draft without constantly editing. I tell myself this, but who knows.

    I like your story concept. I think the first time around it can take years go get in the flow. The best part is adding all that writing experience and growing from there. good luck!

    Here's my GUTGAA Meet & Greet post: A Girl and her Diary

  7. I spend a lot of time not sleeping too. We should start a club. Good luck with GUTGAA and nice to meet you!

  8. I like your advice. Everyone has their own way of working through a block. Mine is writing around the block long-hand, or avoiding the story by watching K-dramas until the block clears.

    Good luck with GUTGAA. Please, stop by and say hello if you haven't already.

  9. Hello! stopping by, reading a little bit, following :) I don't write through blocks, I can't force it like I know some are able to do. The only time my house is clean, the dogs learn a new trick and the cat's claws are trimmed :)


  10. I love pillow forts! The reminder has inspired me to build one :) Great to meet you and check out your blog.