Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Published! (Sorta)

So yesterday was the culmination of three years of work and research. About three years ago, I tried to find a complete list of medieval pigments somewhere.  It was impossible to find. The medieval treatises were only available in a university library setting, (aside from a copy of De Diversis Artibus by Theophilus, which I actually sprung for.) and modern research was in little dribbles and drabbles of specific articles in scholastic journals which required a JSTOR or other institutional-only database.  So I started ma wking a spreadsheet.  And the spreadsheet grew. And Grew. I made umpteen trips to the UNC and Duke library systems, and employed my jump drive extensively.

I decided to turn the research into a monograph so that the information would be widely available to everyone, even those without access to a nearby university library.

And this is why you hire professionals ladies and gentlemen.
With the help of Jennifer Soucy, who did the cover art for me, and a few hours of formatting, the monograph is now available as an e-book via Smashwords. (see my pretty link button up at the top left? That's the lovely cover she did for me.)

The horrid abomination shown right was my attempt.

This is why professionals are awesome.

I'm still going to pursue publishing in the traditional sense for my fiction, but I do have to say the e-pubbing was pretty painless. :)

Now to get back to working on my @#$*#&$@#  synopsis.


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    1. Thank you! So far it seems to be doing reasonably well for such a niche thing. :)