Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting the Neighbors.

So after a mad dash to the school the day before classes opened to register, I ended up with two online courses, Introduction to British Literature and Introduction to Fiction Writing. Both make heavy use of forum discussion as part of the grade to replace classroom interaction.

In the Introduction to British Literature class, the teacher requested we post an introductory bit on the forums.

My classmates shall be known as

Vampire: A phlebotomist trying to maintain a full-time course load with the assistance of online classes.

PornStar!: A stay-at-home mom who works primarily in "social media" and managing online communities. I'm hoping she's a porn star, because that would be completely awesome. I'll be disappointed when she tells us she's a blogger or a webcomic artist. Unless I love her work, in which case, we're back to Awesome.

Tweedy: The only man in the group, he wants to be a history teacher when he grows up, with a double minor in English and Religious Studies. Since history teachers should all wear tweed jackets and smoke pipes, he will be named Tweedy.

Jane: She wants to teach English and History, and be a writer when she grows up. She's already been working on a book too.

Me: Apparently I'm already destined to be the crazy manic one in the class, based on corollary application of the drunk party rule.

(For those that do not know the drunk party rule it goes as follows.)

"At every party, there is one person who is too drunk, too loud, and annoying everyone else. Look around the party. If you can not tell who the drunk person is, it's you."

The sad part is that I'm not sure I can help it. I'm extremely excited about every aspect of these classes, and I'm quite sure I'm coming off like a chihuahua who emptied the toilet bowl three hours ago.

The Intro to Fiction Writing class did not request an introduction post, though I'm pondering making one anyways just to find out who my classmates are. They are safe from the knowledge that I am among their ranks for the nonce.

(Nonce. I love that word. I am extremely annoyed that it got saddled with the slang definition of sex offender.)

Right now, all I am doing for this class is writing. Not that there's anything wrong with that, because the first assignment due next Friday includes a hell'a lot of writing, but it's definitely a more solitary feeling than the other.

Back to work.


  1. I've never heard the word "nonce." Yay.

  2. I've heard the word Nonce, but never the slang definition. Wehre on EARTH did you find that?

  3. Urban Dictionary for the win. Or lose as it may be.

  4. I'd heard the word nonce but only the way you used it, never in the sense of sex offender. What a terrible waste of a perfectly good (obsolete) word!